Dear All,
Please join us in 2015 Summer Camp with your family and friends for exciting games, Foods, & Fun!!! There are a lot of highlights we want to share with you in the Summer Camp this year. Just name a few below.
What: 2015 CASTP Summer Camp
When: Aug. 01 (Sat.), 2015   Noon –  Aug. 02 (Sun.), 2015   Noon
Where:  Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark Resort  (4560 Hilton Corporate Drive, Columbus, OH 43232)
Why join this Fun & Valuable Summer Camp?

  •  知名教育专家 Ann Huang Monice Tong  和您一同探讨孩童教育。
  •  入住Columbus, OH 第二大酒店与家人戏水与老友叙旧轻松惬意。
  •  品尝顶级中餐自助美食 Pittsburgh Hokkaido – 北海道 连锁经营
  •  晚上联欢,节目丰富多彩,抽奖紧张有序,还有为孩子们准备的丰富礼品。让孩子们愉快地告别夏日,迎接新学期的到来!


  • Aug. 01 (Sat.), 2015   12PM –  6PM 酒店入住自由活动
  • Aug. 01 (Sat.), 2015   3PM –  5PM 孩童教育研讨会
  • Aug. 01 (Sat.), 2015   6PM –  9PM 夏令营联欢会
  • Aug. 02 (Sun.), 2015   8AM –  12PM 自由活动

Registration: Required  through 
Cost:  CASTP Member: $270 per family per room (up to 4 persons), including up to 4 Waterpark Entry Tickets, One night Hotel Admission, and 08/01 party dinner.
            Non CASTP Member: $300 per family per room (up to 4 persons), all others same.
            Please mail your check to: Chunhua Fu, 6618 Dalzell Place, Apt 5, Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Check Due on 07/19; Spots are limited. First Come, First serve!
We are looking forward to seeing you on 08/01!