Dear All,
Time flies! Our CASTP 2015 Annual meeting is scheduled on 10/24 (Sat.) at 6PM (see details below). Obviously I and other few board members have mixed feelings now because this will be also the moment we say goodbye to the board. After three years serving CASTP and our Chinese community, we grow and harvest, and our CASTP family does as well.  We want to share each shining moment of our CASTP family in our annual meeting. So please come and join us, together we are better and stronger!
Best Regards!
另外,此次年会也是我和另外几位董事和董事会说告别的时刻。感谢CASTP,三年来的服务让我成长,如今的CASTP在我们大家的共同努力下也是蒸蒸日上。因此不论您参加咱们大家庭的活动有多少,10/24 周六晚六点,请您一定光临,让我们一同回顾过去,珍惜现在,展望未来!
Dequan Dave Jiao
CASTP President
All CASTP Members in One Family!
When: 10/24 (Sat.) 6-9PM
Where: Old Town Buffet (860 Saw Mill Run Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15226)
Cost: Adult – $10; Child over 6 – $5; Child under 6 – FREE. (Pay at Gate)
Agenda: Social and Dinner 6:00PM – 7:30PM / CASTP Annual Meeting 7:30PM – 9:00PM (Party Room)