Dear All,
As you may know, our CASTP family has a great Mentoring Program in order to connect CASTP members with Chinese students and young professionals who are new to the Pittsburgh area. It turns out to be a great success for this program. On Saturday, August 29, 2015, we will host 2015 CASTP Mentorship Program Picnic! Please join us if you dedicate to share your invaluable career experience and advises with young students and new comers to help their career preparation and career development. The picnic is also open to all CAST-P student members. See details below.
又到了一年一度的匹兹堡地区CASTP华裔导师/学生野餐会。野餐会为CASTP会员与华裔学生以及新的年轻专业人士的交流建立了一个平台, 取得了巨大成功。
如果你是导师或导师候选人, 想认识学弟学妹,分享知识和经验。如果你是学生或新来的, 想认识更多的朋友和选定导师。请加入我们2015年匹兹堡地区CASTP导师计划野餐会。所有参会的学生免费入会或延续一年学生会员。时间是2015829日周六,野餐会向所有学生, 导师以及导师候选人开放。详见下文。
CASTP导师计划是由CASTP中自愿贡献时间和精力来指导和帮助学生们的资深专业工作者 (很多是在匹兹堡工作多年的华人)组成,能够提供给大家学术界,工业界,政府部门等各个方向的就业以及职业规划指导,导师计划可以从以下几个方面帮助你:
– –面对面或者线上职业规划指导
– –简历修改
– –提供参加职业规划沙龙,讲座以及招聘会的机会

What: Mentor Picnic – Free new student membership and/or renewal of student membership and/or networking! Lots of food to eat, good conversations to be had, and fun games to be played! There will also be special appearances by select CAST-P Board of Directors members! Have a lot of fun!  所有参会的学生免费入会或延续一年学生会员。品尝美食,野趣,认识更多的朋友,选定导师,有趣的游戏,很多乐趣!如果你有意愿加入CASTP董事会,欢迎你来与我们现任的董事交流。
Who: All CMU, University of Pittsburgh and all other schools’ CSSA students, and all CASTP mentors and prospective mentors, and the CASTP Board of Directors
When: Saturday, 08/29/2015, 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM. 2015829日周六, 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Where: Schenley Park, Camp David Lawrence, 1 Overlook Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15238. Google Map:,+Camp+David+Lawrence,+1+Overlook+Drive,+Pittsburgh,+PA+15238/data=!4m5!4m4!1m0!1m2!1m1!1s0x8834f18c41cc742f:0xccea16646c1ac1bf
Why: To encourage fraternity within our Pittsburgh Chinese community, to introduce prospective mentees with prospective and current mentors, to share knowledge and experience, and to promote the future growth of those in our mentorship program. 为了鼓励我们匹兹堡华人社区内互帮互爱,为大家介绍未来的学弟学妹和现有导师以及导师候选人,分享知识和经验,并促进我们导师计划的良性发展和未来增长。
Cost: $10.00 each student. Free for all CASTP mentors and prospective mentors and all kids. Payment should be made at the registration desk at the picnic field.  导师免费,每个学生10美金。野餐现场登记处付款。
How: Register before or on 08/27 by using the following link:
We are looking forward to seeing you on 08/29 (Sat.) at 12PM! 我们期待着您的到来!
All CASTP Members in One Family!