Board Members

2018-2019 CAST-P Board Members

Main Contact for the Board of Directors:

President 会长:
  • 张秋萍 Susan Chang
Vice Presidents 副会长:
  • Julie Xing 邢立君
  • Hanshuang Shao 邵寒霜
  • Jesse Chen 陈成
  • Xiao Lu 陆霄
Directors 成员:
  • 王嘉陵 Jialing Wang 
  • 陈飞 Fei Chen 
  • 何静 Ethan He 
  • 党薇 Dora Dang 


Chair of the Board of the Governors 理事长:
  • 程鹏 Peng Cheng


Governors 理事会成员:
  • 张秋萍 Susan Chang
  • 焦德泉 Dave Jiao
  • 李晓明 Xiaoming Li
  • 丁海峰 Haifeng Ding
  • 张拥军 Yongjun Zhang
  • 孙建光 Jianguang Sun
  • 邵寒霜 Hanshuang Shao
  • 邢立君 Julie Xing
  • 陈成 Jesse Chen
  • 陆霄 Xiao Lu