The Young Elite Award (YEA) is one of the flagship programs of CAST Education. The YEA program is designed to encourage the younger generation of CAST members to achieve high academic performance, develop leadership skills, develop a strong interest in science and engineering, and excel in extracurricular and community service. It also aims to enable them to achieve the greatest possible impact on our community. These well-rounded skills will enable them to become strong leaders in this very competitive global marketplace.

YEA Program Objectives:

This award is designed to encourage the younger generation of CAST members to:

  • Achieve high academic performance
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Develop a strong interest in science & engineering
  • Excel in extracurricular & community service

YEA Program Application Requirements

The applicant must be:

  • A 9th, 10th or 11th-grade student during the spring 2019 semester in the USA
  • In the top 10% of the current school’s academic score ranking.


Finalists are invited to present at the 2019 Global Innovation Summit in Pittsburgh PA at the YEA.
The award ceremony is on 10/12/19 to receive the award. Finalists who do not present at the award ceremony will still receive the certificate but will lose the monetary award.

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