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—–How to make your children successful
本次教育讲坛主要针对青少年教育,将由四位讲员,以他们的亲身体验,从不同角度介绍讲解怎样让您的孩子成功地发展。四位讲员分别是LYDIA音乐学校校长史潮女士,她将从理论上和音乐教育的亲身经历两方面,来讲解音乐训练给孩子带来的变革性的好处;NORTH ALLEGHENY SCHOOL DISTRICT应届毕业生ANNA LI,已被哈佛大学录取,她将介绍自己爬藤过程;NORTH ALLEGHENY SCHOOL DISTRICT明年毕业生郭泽康,现全年级成绩排名第一,她将介绍音乐教育对她成长的影响;FOX CHAPEL AREA HIGH SCHOOL 九年级学生HANNA CHEN,她将介绍如何成为一名全面发展的学生。非常欢迎家长带着孩子一起来听这场为您量身打造的教育讨论会,也非常欢迎各位会员来参加讲坛,关心下一代的教育和发展。

史潮:1992年来匹兹堡,计算机硕士学位。做过18年软件工程师,现任CASTP副主席,LYDIA 音乐学校校长。自担任LYDIA音乐学校校长以来,在匹兹堡音乐文化方面作过很多工作。每年为匹兹堡青少年办的音乐暑期夏令营;为匹兹堡文化中心和CASTP提供精彩音乐节目;参与支持各中国团体活动的组织与宣传工作。今年二月,还成功地和匹兹堡交响乐团大提琴副首席刘长征,联合举办了匹兹堡有史以来第一次大型中西合璧的音乐会“EAST MEETS WEST”,受到县里嘉奖表扬,肯定这一举动对匹兹堡市民的特殊贡献。她在音乐教育方面,颇有成功经验。例如对孩子的自律方面,学习效率方面,自我表现力,以及智力开发方面等等。
Hanna Chen is a freshman at Fox Chapel Area High School. She is involved in the Model UN, Forensics, Spanish, and Latin club, along with various other clubs at her school. She participates in a motley of sports: cross country, swimming, track, and fencing on school teams and soccer and basketball on rec teams. She loves music, playing both the flute and the violin with a history of playing the cello and is an avid fan of music ranging from classical to pop to broadway. She was a member of her school marching band and a part of her school musical. For 8 years she attended Pittsburgh Ballet Theater School and performed at the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh Ballet Theater’s production of The Nutcracker as a soldier, bumblebee, the black sheep, and her personal favorite, Fritz – Marie’s younger brother and life of the party. In her free time she enjoys reading, writing, playing or going on runs with her dog, cooking, and spending time with her family and friends.

Elizabeth Guo is a 17-year-old high school student at North Allegheny Senior High School.  Starting from when she was 5 years old, she began taking music lessons with Ms. Erica Lin, a current piano teacher at Lydia Music Center.  Then, when she was 9 years old, she began piano lessons under Professor Hanna Wu Li at CMU.  After several years of hard work, Elizabeth received honorable mention in the Level 7 Solo Division in the World Piano Competition at Cincinnati 2012, and was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York.  In the 2013 World Piano Competition, she won 1st place in the Level 9 Solo Division and 2nd place in the Level 9 Concerto Division, and she performed at Carnegie Hall in the subsequent year.  In the same year, she won the 2013 Steinway Society Piano Competition.  After winning the competition held by the Pittsburgh Concert Society in 2015, Elizabeth performs at Kresge Hall in the winners’ recital.  Other than the piano, she is a student council officer at her school, ranked number 1 in her grade, an editor for her school literary magazine, etc.  She also competes for her school debate team and has placed in many, receiving 2nd place at the CFL Nationals Qualifier (Catholic Forensics League) for Extemp and 4th place at the NSDA (National Speech and Debate Association) Nationals Qualifier for International Extemp.  In her free time, she volunteers and loves to learn more about her Chinese culture.

Anna Li, a senior at North Allegheny. She has recently been accepted to Harvard University as a student athlete through early action. Academically, she has a 4.5982 weighted GPA and scored a perfect on her PSAT and 2330 on her SAT. She is also involved in National Honor Society and other various clubs at school. In addition, She has played tennis since she was 10 and that helped her tremendously in her acceptance. Anna was on North Allegheny’s varsity tennis team all four years of high school, and they won states as a team 3 times, and individually she was a finalist twice.

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