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May 11, 2019, Saturday 1 pm – 5 pm
 Cathedral of Learning, Room 2017
4200 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15260 

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Invited Speakers

Aryani Ong, Community Advocate, Blogger at SixHues, andFormer Civil Rights Attorney

Aryani Ong is a community advocate, bloggerat Six Hues, and former civil rights attorney. She has led the efforts thatopened dialogues between the FBI and national audiences of Chinese Americans.In December, she organized a group of Asian American leaders from around thecountry to attend a high-level meeting with the FBI at its headquarters inWashington, D.C. In September, she brought together a high-ranking FBIcounterintelligence official, former CIA analyst, national security lawyer, andglobal recruitment executive to speak at the United Chinese Americans’ nationalconvention. Aryani is co-founder of the Asian American Justice Task Force, adiscussion group for advocates concerned with ethnic profiling. The discussiongroup was founded in 2015 following a spate of highly publicized casesinvolving Chinese American scientists who were accused of economic espionagebut whose charges were later dropped. Last May, she moderated a Capitol Hillpress conference following hydrologist Sherry Chen’s win at the Merit SystemsProtection Board and featuring Members of Congress and community leaders.Aryani also has worked with national and local organizations on advocacycampaigns and invited to speak before the Congressional Asian Pacific AmericanCaucus Members and staff. Previously, Aryani worked as a staff attorney withthe present-day Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Asian American Justice Center(AAAJ-AAJC), where she worked with civil rights leaders, including OCA-AsianAmerican Advocates, to provide community responses to the Dr. Wen Ho Lee case,meet with then Attorney General Janet Reno and serve on a community advisorygroup to the Department of Energy’s Task Force on Racial Profiling.

AndrewKim, Attorney, Greenberg Traurig

AndrewChongseh Kim is a commercial litigator at Greenberg Traurig, where herepresents clients in disputes involving commercial transactions, tradesecrets, construction, and oil and gas. Before joining Greenberg Traurig, hespent several years as a law school professor, teaching at WashingtonUniversity in St. Louis School of Law and Concordia University School of Law.His research, which has been published in top – 50 law reviews and cited inbriefs to the United States Supreme Court, applies sophisticated statistical techniquesto reveal inequities in our legal systems. Kim holds the title of VisitingScholar at South Texas College of Law in Houston. Kim has been quotedfrequently in newspapers, radio, and online media outlets. His most recentstudy, forthcoming in Cardozo Law Review, reveals that Asian defendants chargedwith espionage are twice as likely to be innocent as those of otherethnicities. Kim serves as co-chair of the Asian American Bar Association’sCommunity Service and Pro Bono Committee and serves on the board of the KoreanAmerican Association and Community Center of Houston. Kim graduated cum laudefrom Harvard Law School and clerked for Justice Richard N. Palmer of theConnecticut Supreme Court.

John W. McIlvaine,Vice President, The WEBB law firm

John W. McIlvaine IIIis an Intellectual Property attorney with extensive experience in patentprocurement, patent enforcement, trademarkregistration, trademark enforcement, licensing, andlitigation. His practice involves a substantial amount of internationalintellectual property law, and he counsels a wide range of clients – fromindividual inventors to Fortune 500 companies. John is actively involved withIP programs and initiatives, sharing expertise as a community leader, educator,and author. He is a certified arbitrator and an Approved Early NeutralEvaluator for Intellectual Property cases pending in the U.S. District Courtfor the Western District of Pennsylvania. He has served as mediator, specialmaster, and patent-law expert witness in numerous IP litigation matters, and heis co-chair of the local court’s IP Advisory Committee.

Johnhas published articles on IP topics and is an adjunct professor with theUniversity Of Pittsburgh School Of Law. In 2004, John and patent attorneys fromseveral area law firms and corporations worked together, in cooperation withthe U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, to draft astate-of-the-art set of rules and procedures for the conduct of patentlitigation, which were recently updated.

MichaelComber, PartnerFarrell Reisinger & Comber, LLC

Mike focuses hispractice on the representation of corporations and individuals in governmentand regulatory investigations involving fraud, corruption, healthcare,cybercrime, and environmental matters. Mike also conducts internalinvestigations for institutions and corporations.

Beforejoining the firm, Mike served for thirteen years as an Assistant UnitedStates Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania. For the last eight ofthose years, Mike served as Chief of the Civil Division. In that capacity, Mikeled a team of eleven attorneys prosecuting complex investigations ofinstitutions, corporations and individuals. Mike’s team also defended actionsbrought against the federal government under myriad case theories. Prior toserving as Chief, Mike prosecuted white-collar and violent crime, includingtax, health care fraud, corporate embezzlement and fraud, as well asinternational drug trafficking and other violent crime.

During his time with theDepartment of Justice, Mike received the Attorney General’s DistinguishedService Award for his role in dismantling the Game Over Zeus botnet that causedhundreds of millions of dollars in losses to the U.S. financial sector. Mikealso received the Council of Inspectors General Award for Excellence for hisleading role in the landmark global settlement with Education Management Corp.(EDMC). In 2003, Mike was appointed as a Hearing Officer with the SpecialMaster’s Office of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.In that role, Mike had the privilege of presiding over hearings to determineeligibility and set award amounts for victims and their families. Mike beganhis government service with the Office of the District Attorney of AlleghenyCounty prosecuting various crimes, including homicide, sexual assault, andother violent offenses. 

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