About Us

Welcome to CASTP Organization
CASTP Organization, CASTP for short, was founded in 1994 as a Pennsylvania non-profit organization. This year, 2020, marks CASTP’s 26th anniversary! On behalf of the Board of Directors of CASTP, I wish both CASTP and its members the very best. Through these 26 years, CASTP has expanded greatly and now counts over 1,000 members. CASTP is an organization which counts amongst its membership Chinese-American intelligentsia, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Our organization is also the most influential Chinese-American organization in Pittsburgh, and is recognized throughout the United States as a leading Chinese-American organization. CASTP’s mission is to encourage technological development, scientific research, and investment in cultural and educational outreach in order to improve our community and society at large. Our programs include expert speakers on important topics, participation in science and other competition, providing relevant and useful legal information, family and household economics, and children’s education.

中国旅美科技协会-匹兹堡分会 (CASTP Organization) 创立于一九九四年,是宾西法尼亚州的无政治倾向的非营利组织。二零二零年,是CASTP成立二十六周年大庆之年!在此,CASTP现任董事会理事会祝贺CASTP!祝福全体会员和CASTP的朋友们!经过二十六年来的辛勤努力,CASTP发展壮大,至今拥有一千多名会员。 匹兹堡分会是一个有众多高学历旅美华人,华裔专业人士和企业家的组织;它是大匹兹堡地区最有影响力的华人社团也在全美有广泛影响。它的工作宗旨是促进科技发展,并通过科技投资文化教育活动,促进社区建设和当地以及国际经济发展,帮助旅美华人专业人士改善工作和生存环境,弘扬中华文化,为创造多元文化的兴盛社区做贡献。CASTP的另一宗旨是给所有生活在匹兹堡的华人提供一个凝聚的核心,安居乐业的家园。除了它的会员卡是匹兹堡华人社区最好用的打折卡之外,每个季度内容丰富多彩的专题研讨会,诸如科技比赛,知识产权保护,职场法律权利义务,身体和精神健康讲座,房地产课堂,子女教育,家庭理财及税务,匹兹堡每年最大的春节晚会和夏季野餐会等等都给众多会员提供了一个极佳的互动和交友的平台。