Dear All,
We are excited to share this good news with you! Mayor Peduto made proclamation that 10/04 this year is Pittsburgh CAST-P Day! So 10/04 is a even bigger Day now, for our CASTP, for our Pittsburgh Chinese community, and even for the whole city! If you have not done your registration, DO IT NOW! We already have 136 attendees so far since the registration opened yesterday noon! The registration is ONLY open for our CASTP members this week, and will be open for the whole Pittsburgh Chinese community starting next week.
Our CASTP 20 Years Anniversary Celebration Gala is OPEN for Registration NOW! Please click link below for your online registration.  (OR click )
The Celebration Gala is FREE and open for Pittsburgh Chinese Community! You can have your family and friends coming with you. Due to the limited seats, your registration is required for the admission.
CASTP 20 years memories, rewards, new board member election, and fantastic stage show from Pittsburgh Chinese community … We will do all of these together, in one place, at one time! We are looking forward to seeing you on the Celebration Gala!
PS: CAST-P 20 Years Anniversary Forums and CAST-P 20 Years Anniversary Celebration Dinner Banquet registration will be sent out later after finalized by this weekend. Thanks for your patience.
Best Regards,
我们非常高兴地和您分享一个好消息!匹茨堡市长Peduto先生将今年10月4日命名为匹茨堡CASTP日!!!现在10月4日不仅仅是我们CASTP的节日,也是我们匹茨堡华人社区,匹茨堡市的节日!如果您还没有注册CASTP 20周年庆典晚会!请点击以下链接注册。由于座位有限,请您尽早注册!本周晚会注册只对我们CASTP会员开放,从昨天中午注册开放到现在的24小时内参加人数已经达到了136人!从下周开始注册将向整个华人社区开放。  (OR click )
All CASTP Members in One Family!