Dear All,
CASTP Movie Night is back!!! This year we will have an outstanding and very touchable movie, “Dearest(亲爱的)” for you. “Dearest” follows the story of a couple whose three-year-old son is abducted in the southern China city of Shenzhen. Their lives get turned upside-down as they launch a lengthy search for the boy that covers half the country.
大家好!我们非常高兴地和大家分享,今年的CASTP电影之夜将于07/18(周六)6:30PM 向大家呈现一部感人至深的上乘佳作《亲爱的》。《亲爱的》是2014年出品的一部“打拐题材”电影,由陈可辛执导,张冀编剧,赵薇、黄渤、佟大为、郝蕾、张译主演。电影主演讲述以田文军为首的一群失去孩子的父母去寻孩子以及养育被拐孩子的农村妇女李红琴如何为夺取孩子做抗争的故事。女主角赵薇凭借该片入围第51届台湾电影金马奖最佳女主奖并获得第34届香港电影金像奖最佳女主角奖。男主角黄渤的演技也让人叹为观止。整个角色的心路历程,从丢失儿子前后,到找回儿子,男人的自卑、尊严,焦急、愧疚、绝望、责任、疯狂,都表现得淋漓尽致。非常值得一看!
When: July. 18 (Sat.), 2015   6:30 PM
Where: Regent Square Theater (1035 S. Braddock Ave, Edgewood PA  15218)
Ticket: CASTP members – $30 for 4 entries ; $8 for 1 entry (after discount); Sell at the gate; Registration Required
Parking: Free parking is available on S. Braddock Avenue or on nearby residential streets.
Admission:  Registration is Required through link (Discount code  will show after submission)
We are looking forward to seeing you!
All CASTP Members in One Family!
PS: The movie is also part of Silk Screen 2015 Film Festival. Unlike last year, this year will have much more Chinese movies! (See following 6 Chinese movies.) As CASTP member, you can use the same discount code (will show up after your registration) for same price as “Dearest”. Go to for more details.
A Picture of You
2013 | USA/China | 83 min
Friday July 10, 8:30pm, Melwood Classroom
Saturday July 18, 2:30pm, Melwood Classroom
Kyle and Jen learn a surprising secret about their mother after her death and decide to investigate.
The Grandfather of Dogs
2014 | China | 82
Sunday July 19, 2pm, Regent Square
After becoming unemployed, a man starts adopting multiple stray dogs, causing friction within his family.
The History of Love
2013 | China | 95 min
Saturday July 11, 5pm, Melwood Classroom
A man discovers a mysterious connection between his family and the cave paintings in an ancient Chinese tomb.
The Nightingale
2013 | China | 100 min
Saturday July 11, 8:45pm, Melwood Screening Room
Wednesday July 15, 6:30pm, Melwood Screening Room
China’s official entry for the 2014 Academy Awards, The Nightingale tells the story of a spoiled and sheltered young girl raised in the city goes who on an adventure through the countryside with her grandfather and a nightingale in a cage.  A perfect selection for families.
Red Amnesia
2014 | China | 105 min
Saturday July 11, 6:30pm, Regent Square
Friday July 17, 9pm, Regent Square
When Deng receives a series of mysterious phone calls, she begins to wonder if someone from her past could be haunting her.
The Ring of Love
2014 | China | 15 min
A man shirks his responsibility to his pregnant girlfriend and she leaves.  When he realizes he can’t live without her, will he be able to find her again?